University of Konstanz

2018. Immigrant integration in multi-level systems (in English, BA seminar. Evaluation).
2017/18. German Politics (in German, BA lecture. Evaluation)
2017/18. Participatory city planning. With an introduction to qualitative case studies (in German, BA)
2017. Political Control of the Bureaucracy or Bureaucratic Politics? (in English, BA. Evaluation)
2016. A Primer in Public Administration Theory (in English, BA. Evaluation)
2016. Party Politics in Central and Eastern Europe (in English, BA. Evaluation)
2015/16. German Politics (in German, BA lecture. Evaluation)
2015/16. Participatory Local Politics (in German, BA. Evaluation)
2015. Comparing multinational democracies (in English, BA. Evaluation)
2015. Party competition in Eastern and Western Europe (in English, BA. Too few participants for evaluation)

University of Belgrade
2016. Institutions of minority self-government (in English, MA).

Pompeu Fabra University 
2013/14. Immigrant integration in multi-level systems (in English, MA)

University of Lucerne and University of Zurich
2013. Democracy in multicultural societies (with Nenad Stojanovic, in German, MA)

University of Cologne
2012/13. Comparing multi-ethnic democracies (in German, BA)
2012. Liquid Democracy – Das Demokratiekonzept der Piratenpartei aus demokratietheoretischer Perspektive (with Christian Blum, open workshop, all levels)
2011/12. Direct Democracy and Voter Competence (in English, MA)
2011. Demokratietheorie (with Christian Blum, in German, BA)
2010/11. Are multi-ethnic democracies viable? Comparing Bosnia and Belgium (in German, BA)
2009/10. The political system of Germany (in German, BA)

Summer schools
2016 & 2017. Belgrade-Konstanz Summer School (Organiser and lecturer, in English, BA & MA)
2013. Electoral systems and party competition in divided societies. Spring seminar on challenges of democracy in multicultural societies, University of Sarajevo (in English, graduate level)
2011 & 2012. Methodologies of Case Studies, ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques, University of Ljubljana (teaching assistant, lecturer: Ingo Rohlfing, in English, graduate level)