Articles in peer-reviewed journals

2017. Surpassing Simple Aggregation. Advanced Strategies for Analyzing Contextual-Level Outcomes in Multilevel Modelsmethods, data, analyses. DOI: 10.12758/mda.2017.05 (with Dominik Becker and Wiebke Breustedt).

2016. Liquid Democracy: Potentials, Problems, and PerspectivesThe Journal of Political Philosophy 24 (2): 162–182  (with Christian Blum, originally published online: 29 July 2015). PDF.

2015. Position, Selective Emphasis and Framing: How parties deal with a second dimension in competitionParty Politics 21 (6): 839–850 (with Anwen Elias and Edina Szöcsik). PDF.

2015. Ethnic outbidding and nested competition. Explaining the extremism of ethnonational minority parties in Europe. European Journal of Political Research 54 (4): 784–801 (with Edina Szöcsik). PDFAppendixData and replication code.

2015. Reserved Seats, Political Parties, and Minority Representation.  Ethnopolitics 14 (4), 390-403 (Originally published online on 16 April 2015). PDF.

2015. EPAC – a new dataset on ethnonationalism in party competition in 22 European democraciesParty Politics 21 (1), 153-160, (with Edina Szöcsik, originally published online November 1, 2012). PDFDataOnline appendix.

2013. Beyond Outbidding? Ethnic Party Strategies in Serbia. Party Politics, 19 (5), 758-777, (originally published online July 25, 2011).

2013. Representative Claims and expected Gains. Minority Council Elections and intra-ethnic Competition in Serbia. East European Politics, 29 (1), 52-68 (with Jan Jakub Mus). PDF.

2012. Ethnic Party Competition beyond the segmented Market. Nationalities Papers, 40 (6), 927-944. PDF.

2011. Understanding the Multinational Game: Toward a Theory of Asymmetrical Federalism. Comparative Political Studies, 44 (5), 546-571.

Book chapters

2017. Serbia and Montenegro. From Centralization to Secession and Multi-ethnic Regionalism, in Arjan Schakel (ed.): Regional and National Elections in Eastern Europe. Territoriality of the Vote in Ten Countries, pp. 207-238. Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMilllan (with Jelena Dzankic). (For data, see Arjan Schakel’s website).

2016. Die politische Theorie des Neoinstitutionalismus: James March und Johan Olsen, in André Brodocz and Gary S. Schaal (eds.): Politische Theorien der Gegenwart II, 4. Auflage. Opladen/ Farmington Hills: Verlag Barbara Budrich/UTB (with André Kaiser).

2013. Whose Mobilisation? An Ontological Primer on the Mobilisation of National Minorities, in Julien Danero, Nenad Stojanovic & Sharon Weinblum (eds.): New Nation States and National Minorities, 191-207. Colchester: ECPR Press. PDF

Work in progress and working papers

One, Two, Three: Dimensionality of political spaces in multinational European democracies (with Edina Szöcsik). PDF.

Anchoring social science methods in theories of causation (with Ingo Rohlfing).

Comparing the politics behind the immigrant integration laws of Catalonia and South Tyrol. GRITIM-UPF Working Paper Series 22/Winter 2014.

Hosts and strangers, now and then. Historical immigration experiences, contemporary integration policies, and the causal power of ideas. Book manuscript in preparation.