Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Forthcoming. The Second Edition of the Expert Survey on Ethnonationalism in Party Competition. Testing for Validity and Reliability. Regional and Federal Studies. DOI: 10.1080/13597566.2018.1512975 (with Edina Szöcsik).

2017. Surpassing Simple Aggregation. Advanced Strategies for Analyzing Contextual-Level Outcomes in Multilevel Modelsmethods, data, analyses. DOI: 10.12758/mda.2017.05 (with Dominik Becker and Wiebke Breustedt).

2016. Liquid Democracy: Potentials, Problems, and PerspectivesThe Journal of Political Philosophy 24 (2): 162–182  (with Christian Blum, originally published online: 29 July 2015). PDF.

2015. Position, Selective Emphasis and Framing: How parties deal with a second dimension in competitionParty Politics 21 (6): 839–850 (with Anwen Elias and Edina Szöcsik). PDF.

2015. Ethnic outbidding and nested competition. Explaining the extremism of ethnonational minority parties in Europe. European Journal of Political Research 54 (4): 784–801 (with Edina Szöcsik). PDFAppendixData and replication code.

2015. Reserved Seats, Political Parties, and Minority Representation.  Ethnopolitics 14 (4), 390-403 (Originally published online on 16 April 2015). PDF.

2015. EPAC – a new dataset on ethnonationalism in party competition in 22 European democraciesParty Politics 21 (1), 153-160, (with Edina Szöcsik, originally published online November 1, 2012). PDFDataOnline appendix.

2013. Beyond Outbidding? Ethnic Party Strategies in Serbia. Party Politics, 19 (5), 758-777, (originally published online July 25, 2011).

2013. Representative Claims and expected Gains. Minority Council Elections and intra-ethnic Competition in Serbia. East European Politics, 29 (1), 52-68 (with Jan Jakub Mus). PDF.

2012. Ethnic Party Competition beyond the segmented Market. Nationalities Papers, 40 (6), 927-944. PDF.

2011. Understanding the Multinational Game: Toward a Theory of Asymmetrical Federalism. Comparative Political Studies, 44 (5), 546-571.

Book chapters

2017. Serbia and Montenegro. From Centralization to Secession and Multi-ethnic Regionalism, in Arjan Schakel (ed.): Regional and National Elections in Eastern Europe. Territoriality of the Vote in Ten Countries, pp. 207-238. Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMilllan (with Jelena Dzankic). (For data, see Arjan Schakel’s website).

2016. Die politische Theorie des Neoinstitutionalismus: James March und Johan Olsen, in André Brodocz and Gary S. Schaal (eds.): Politische Theorien der Gegenwart II, 4. Auflage. Opladen/ Farmington Hills: Verlag Barbara Budrich/UTB (with André Kaiser).

2013. Whose Mobilisation? An Ontological Primer on the Mobilisation of National Minorities, in Julien Danero, Nenad Stojanovic & Sharon Weinblum (eds.): New Nation States and National Minorities, 191-207. Colchester: ECPR Press. PDF

Work in progress and working papers

One, Two, Three: Dimensionality of political spaces in multinational European democracies (with Edina Szöcsik). PDF.

Comparing the politics behind the immigrant integration laws of Catalonia and South Tyrol. GRITIM-UPF Working Paper Series 22/Winter 2014.

Hosts and strangers, now and then. Historical immigration experiences, contemporary integration policies, and the causal power of ideas. Book manuscript in preparation.