IMINTREG offers data on immigrant integration policies of Italian regions, Spanish autonomous communities and German Länder. You can download the original regional integration laws, as well as measures of in- vs. exclusiveness of regional integration policies based on my coding of the laws here.

Parties Post-Yug

Parties Post-Yug provides data on parties, elections and governments in the Yugoslav successor states, enabling systematic research on party politics in countries that have so far often been excluded from comparative work. The data was collected in collaboration with Holger Döring and Nikola Todoric.

EPAC data

The EPAC expert survey covers the positions of minority nationalist, majority nationalist and mainstream parties in 22 multinational European countries. The 2011 edition covers 210 political parties,  the 2017 edition covers 222 parties and the data was collected in collaboration with Edina Szöcsik.