Data on immigrant integration policies of Italian regions, Spanish autonomous communities and German Länder:

If you use the data, please cite the following article: Zuber, Christina I. 2019. Explaining the immigrant integration laws of German, Italian and Spanish regions: Sub-state nationalism and multi-level party politicsRegional Studies. Online first. DOI: 10.1080/00343404.2019.1599845. Accepted preprint.

Replication files including codings of the laws:

Replication Data (.dta) Replication Code (.do)

Online Appendix, including the coding scheme used for content-analysing the laws.

Immigrant integration laws by country and region (original coded documents):

You can download all laws simultaneously via the following link:

Integration Laws

Country Region Year link to file file type
Germany Baden-Württemberg 2015 DE_Baden-Wurttemberg_2015 PDF
Germany Bayern 2016 DE_Bayern_2016 PDF
Germany Berlin 2010 DE_Berlin_2010 PDF
Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen 2012 DE_NRW_2012 PDF
Italy Abruzzo 2004 ITA_Abruzzo_2004 PDF
Italy Basilicata 1996 ITA_Basilicata_1996 PDF
Italy Bolzano 2011 ITA_Bolzano_2011 PDF
Italy Campania 2010 ITA_Campania_2010 PDF
Italy Emilia Romagna 2004 ITA_Emilia Romagna_2004 PDF
Italy Friuli Venezia Giulia 2015 ITA_Friuli Venezia Giulia_2015 PDF
Italy Lazio 2008 ITA_Lazio_2008 PDF
Italy Liguria 2007 ITA_Liguria_2007 PDF
Italy Lombardia 1988 ITA_Lombardia_1988 PDF
Italy Marche 2009 ITA_Marche_2009 PDF
Italy Piemonte 1989 ITA_Piemonte_1989 PDF
Italy Puglia 2009 ITA_Puglia_2009 PDF
Italy Sardegna 1990 ITA_Sardegna_1990 PDF
Italy Toscana 2009 ITA_Toscana_2009 PDF
Italy Trento 1990 ITA_Trento_1990 PDF
Italy Umbria 1990 ITA_Umbria_1990 PDF
Italy Valle d’Aosta 1995 ITA_Valle d’Aosta_1995 PDF
Italy Veneto 1990 ITA_Veneto_1990 PDF
Spain Castilla y León 2013 ESP_Castilla_y_Leon_2013 PDF
Spain Catalunya 2010 ESP_Catalunya_2010 PDF
Spain Comunitat Valenciana 2008 ESP_Valencia_2008 PDF