EPAC datasets (choose .csv or .dta or .xls format)

epac 2011 summary.csv  / epac-2011-summary.dta / epac 2011 summary.xls  (mean expert ratings by party, 2011)
epac 2011 raw.csv / epac 2011 raw.dta (individual expert ratings, 2011)
epac 2017 summary.csv / epac 2017 summary.dta / epac 2017 summary.xls (mean expert ratings by party, 2017)
epac 2017 raw.csv / epac 2017 raw.dta (individual expert ratings, 2017)
epac 2011-17 summary.csv / epac 2011-17 summary.dta (mean ratings, 2011 and 2017 combined)

EPAC Codebook

Replication files

EPAC_extremism (used in Zuber & Szöcsik, 2015, .dta). Replication code (.do)


EPAC individual country files (available for 2011 only)

Country_file_Belgium (xls) Country file Bosnia and Herzegovina (xls) Country_file_Bulgaria (xls) Country_file_Croatia (xls)
Country_file_Denmark (xls) Country_file_Estonia (xls) Country_file_Finland (xls) Country_file_France (xls)
Country_file_Italy (xls) Country_file_Kosovo (xls) Country_file_Latvia (xls) Country_file_Lithuania (xls)
Country_file_Macedonia (xls) Country_file_Moldova (xls) Country_file_Montenegro (xls) Country_file_Poland (xls)
Country_file_Romania (xls) Country_file_Serbia (xls) Country_file_Slovakia (xls) Country_file_Spain (xls)
Country_file_Turkey (xls) Country_file_UK (xls) Country_file_Ukraine (xls)